Antonija Kulaš thanks to FEMS

Antonija Kulaš thaks to FEMS (Federation of European Microbiological Societies) scholarship and TRANITAL project had training in eDNA isolation and computational analyses of sequencing data from high-throughput environmental sequencing in the laboratory of Prof. Thorsten Stoeck at the Department of Biology/Ecology, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern.

Project abstract:

Metabarcoding monitoring analysis in changes microbial community structure in correlation with different concentrations of nitrates in alluvial aquifer system of Drava River

Higher concentrations of nitrate in waters are caused by anthropogenic activities, which strong influence on freshwater quality. Uncontrolled and extensive production in some parts of Croatia is causing the pollution of groundwater with nitrate. An example of area is the alluvial aquifer of Drava River near Varaždin. Our task is to investigate interaction and changes in structure between periphyton communities, especially diatoms and bacterial response to increased N pressure, using a new molecular based approach – DNA metabarcoding as an alternative method in monitoring analysis Alga as primary producers in microbial communities respond very quickly to even small changes of environmental conditions, thus making them extremely sensitive indicators. The focusing component will be diatoms and bacterial community, a dominant role in periphytic communities.

Key words: periphyton, bacterial community, diatoms, metabarcoding.